Liette Chamberland is an Encaustic Fine Art Photographer accredited with Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and a member of the English Language Art Network (ELAN). She creates unique artwork, heirloom inspirations for generation to enjoy.

Some of Liette’s work can be seen on book covers published by Morning Rain Publishers.

She also have a permanent exhibition at Clarence & Cripps in Hudson.

  • 2019 PPOC-Quebec Competition: Accepted / “Road to Recovery”
  • 2019 PPOC Image Salon: Accepted / “Thy Kingdom Come”
  • 2019 PPOC Image Salon: Accepted / “So Where Were you Anyway”
  • 2019 PPOC Image Salon: Merit / “There’s Always Room for One More”
  • 2016 PPOC Image Salon: Accepted / “Chained Ego”
  • 2015 PPOC-Ontario Image Salon: Accepted Image / “Reflections”
  • 2015 PPOC-Ontario Image Salon: Merit / “Stuck with me, Myself and I”
  • 2015 LICC (London International Creative Competition): Honorable Mention / Shared Moment”
  • Fine Art / Photo Decor
  • Pictorial / Scenic
PPOC Professsional Photographer Of Canada