Laced ballerina by Camper

True or False: Paying less for clothes is a real bargain

FALSE: Spending $95 on a quality linen shirt instead of $25 on a cheaply made one is technically not a realistic choice for a lot of people. But spending a more money for quality items will save you money in the long run.   Let’s see… Buying four shirts that won’t last more than a…

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Scarf Ring Collection

Teaser video of my scarf ring collection. This shows some of the ways on how to wear the scarf rings. Stay tuned for more videos! Enjoy Tying!

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How to tie Scarf Ring – Cowboy Knot

Tying a scarf ring with the Cowboy Knot. First take a square scarf and fold into a triangle. Follow the easy instructions in the video and you will have a stylish cowboy knot! Enjoy Tying!

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